Primary reads from the 1st and 8th District

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A man lost in history

"The darkest chapter in Minnesota's past, through the rise and fall of one Dakota leader," a multi-media presentation about the Dakota wars from the Star Tribune.

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Low turnout expected for Tuesday's primary election

Red Wing Republican Eagle: "The state's elections chief said that primary turnout will be low and even in the 1st and 8th districts voters are not expected to show up in large numbers."

Three DFL candidates face off to challenge Cravaack

Pine Journal: "For the first time in more than 30 years, voters in Northeastern Minnesota's 8th District are seeing a truly competitive Democratic-Farmer-Labor party primary." Star Tribune: "Dedication to DFL primaries still prevails in northeastern Minnesota, says Don Bye, longtime chair of the Eighth District DFL Party. But, Bye said, "the demographics of this district have changed dramatically. The remaining folks who hang on to the idea that the Eighth is the Range and Duluth are as mixed up as those who think the Range and Duluth are one and the same. They're not recognizing the gradual growth and shift of the population to the southern part of the district." Left MN: "Nolan seems to have the edge, but that's only because both Clark and Anderson's paths to victory involve the other two candidates splitting the vote enough for 38%-35% to be enough. But both Clark and Anderson have conceivable paths to victory nonetheless. I'm also not convinced that second place is Rick Nolan's floor, as I've heard some suggest." MN Progressive Project: "Conventional wisdom is that Nolan is poised for victory, but with no polling data publicly released it is hard to know the true state of the race. The key place to watch on election night is St. Louis County. If Nolan is either close to or ahead of Anderson in Duluth and the Range, it is all over. If Anderson can win St. Louis County big, then perhaps Clark sneaks through. If Anderson wins St. Louis County in a landslide, then perhaps he can pull off the miracle upset of our times."

Quist, Parry make final primary push

KEYC: "They've had their introductions, their caucus battle and the debates, and now the potential challengers to Congressman Tim Walz will finally find out who gets to be on the ballot." Winona Daily News: "For all their similarities, the candidates couldn't be further apart as the Aug. 14 primary looms and the intensity of their attacks -- ranging from voting records and ideologies to questioning each other's character and morals -- grows by the day."

VP candidate Ryan returns to Wisconsin to adoring crowd

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: "Brushing aside tears and responding to raucous cheers, U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan returned to Wisconsin on Sunday for an emotional homecoming in front of thousands of people on the grounds of the Waukesha County Expo Center."

Lynx stars are Minnesota's golden girls after U.S. claims gold again

"Heading home to vie for another title, Minnesota champions heft weighty souvenirs. For the fifth Olympics in a row, the United States emerged a champion" (Star Tribune).

Minnesota mayors discuss LGA issues

"A concern shared by group members in discussing how to measure cities' need for LGA was 'overburden,' the cost to provide city services to non-residents like workers and visitors. Paying for those costs can be a particular challenge for cities that serve as regional centers," reports the Marshall Independent.

One year after Pagami Creek fire, Forest Service reverses course

Ely Echo: "One year and $23 million later, the U.S. Forest Service said if the Pagami Fire happened today it would be put out right away. That would have saved 93,000 acres from being burned after the agency dumped 1,700 gallons of napalm that helped create a fire storm that roared across the BWCA."