The next (not so) big thing


Express Games owner Jon Weaver says that he's got another trick up his sleeve for the electronic pulltab game. He says he's submitted an iPod touch version of the games from Acres 4.0. He let us have a good look at it this afternoon.

This could presumably drop the price of getting the device into some 2,800 bars and restaurants in Minnesota, currently eligible for charitable gambling. Touches are a lot cheaper than iPads, although they're probably a lot harder to protect from theft.

Weaver says he thinks this version of the device could be ready for the October 16th meeting of the Minnesota Gambling Control Board. Manufacturer John Acres says he expects that he'll eventually be able to be platform-agnostic, using Android or any iOS device to keep the money rolling in.

Nice, though, that they're thinking 'bout the lady gamblers too. The heels, purses and rings are a nice touch.


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