Difficult to gauge hurricane's effects on business

Minnesota-based retailers with operations on the East Coast say it's too early to gauge the financial impact of Hurricane Sandy.

Mike Siemienas, a spokesman for the Supervalu chain of grocery stores, said several of the stores under the Acme banner are in the path of the storm, and about 20 have closed. He said it's impossible to know when the stores will re-open.

"Our goal is to open as quickly as possible so that our customers can resupply themselves," Siemienas said."But we also need to make sure it's safe not only for our team members to get to work but also for customers to get to our store."

Target and Best Buy are both closing roughly 200 stores on the eastern coast today. Target is working with distribution centers and vendors to replenish supplies after the storm.

Best Buy said it has customer service agents standing by to help storm victims with any technology issues.

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