Travel through time and your imagination at St. Paul’s Union Depot

New works commissioned for the Union Depot will take you on a trip... without ever leaving the station.


Michael Bahl,"Mesohippus Mirabilis,"2007

Take, for instance, the work of Michael Bahl. Bahl, who keeps a studio in Lowertown, describes himself as a "Paleo-osteological Interpreter" - a sort of imaginative revisionist archeologist.

Using actual bones from a variety of animals, Bahl assembles them in new and intriguing forms that propose an alternate zoological history.

Bahl will create two such "creatures" to hang in the Union Depot's concourse, where they will be displayed along with a description of their life and discovery.

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Kyle Fokken,"Dantje,"2006

Kyle Fokken is known for creating what he calls "3-D collages," combining disparate objects into into one single other-wordly creation.

For the Union Depot's grand waiting room Fokken will create three "retro-futurist" train sculptures, which will be exhibited not far from a terracotta frieze that shows the real-life evolution of transportation in Minnesota.


Aldo Moroni,"Fragilearth,"2010

And sculptor Aldo Moroni, who creates entire cities out of clay, will take visitors back through time with four different pieces exhibited in the depot's head house. Each will depict St. Paul at different points in its history: 1850, 1900, 1950 and 2013.

You can find out more about the artists selected to create work for the Union Depot here.

All images courtesy the Ramsey County Regional Railroad Authority