Another GOP lawmaker wants to make Vikings backup to state stadium finance plan

Republican Sen. Sean Nienow is taking a shortcut to the backup plans for the state's efforts to pay for a new NFL stadium with gambling taxes: if electronic pulltabs and linked bingo don't make enough money, bill the Vikings.

It's the second such effort to get the stadium's principal tenant to pick up the tab, as electronic pulltabs and bingo fall far short of state revenue projections. Rep. Bob Barrett (R-Lindstrom) had a similar idea earlier this month.

Nienow, who opposed the stadium and voiced doubts about its financing last year, adds this paragraph to the stadium plan:

If for any year the available revenue as calculated in paragraph (a) is less than the amount needed for the appropriation in subdivision 4, the NFL team shall pay the deficiency to the state, which must be deposited in the general fund.

The Vikings, of course, have said repeatedly that they're not renegotiating the stadium deal, and that the state remains responsible for its pledge for the new facility.

Here's Nienow's bill:

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