Minn. gas prices fall from record high

Gas prices in Minnesota are falling after hitting an all-time high last week. Increased supplies are pushing prices down.

Midwest refineries that had shut down for maintenance are resuming operations and fuel is also being brought in from other parts of the country. Gail Weinholzer, the director of public affairs for AAA Minnesota-Iowa, says the average price of gas in Minnesota peaked last week at $4.28 a gallon but stood at $4.05 Monday. That's still well above the national average. But Weinholzer expect prices in Minnesota will soon be in line with the nation.

"It will take a while to get there, obviously. It doesn't drop as quickly as it goes up. But we have seen a 23-cent drop in the last week and we expect to continue to see a decline until we get back around the national average," she said.

The average price Monday across the country was $3.63, she said.

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