What is the best live musical performance you’ve experienced?


The Replacements reunion is a pretty big deal for a lot of folks. The band formed in Minneapolis in 1979 and never sold many records during a time when people still purchased such things. Yet, the band is credited for amazing live shows and influencing some of the most important voices in rock music. The Replacements will be back together after 22 years.

"After years of near-misses, teases, and tantalizing hints, the Replacements have just announced that they will, in fact, reunite to play at least three shows," writes The Current's Andrea Swensson.

"Paul Westerberg and Tommy Stinson have signed on to headline three different installments of the Riot Fest, which is scheduled to hit Toronto August 24-25, Chicago September 13-15, and Denver September 21-22. It will be the first time they have performed together since July 4, 1991."

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On July 4, 1991 in Chicago, the Replacements played their final show ever, ending their run as one of the most celebrated (if not most commercially successful) alt rock groups of the 1980s. In the decades since, their legend has only grown. (Pitchfork)

"The band never sold a lot of records during its seven-album run from 1979 to 1991, but the Replacements achieved mythic status for their off-the-hook live shows and indelible anthems about going fast to nowhere in particular," writes David Carr in the New York Times. "Sensitive rocker boys like Jeff Tweedy of Wilco, Kurt Cobain of Nirvana, Billy Joe Armstrong of Green Day picked up guitars and made important records after hearing Mr. Westerberg tilt his head up into the mic and chase away the ennui by filling a room with possibility."

Today's Question: What is the best live musical performance you've experienced?