Stadium builders hire equity director to diversify workforce

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Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority equity director Alex Tittle (MPR Photo/Tim Nelson)


Alex Tittle has worked as the Minnesota Department of Transportation's civil rights director, charged with meeting minority workforce participation goals on state construction projects. He'll be working with the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority and a yet-to-be-named "employment assistance firm" to recruit, hire and retain minorities for the stadium facility.

Tittle served 10 years in the Army, and did transportation work for the military before coming to the Twin Cities in 2007. He went to college in South Carolina, and is a son of another Army vet.

While in Minnes0ta he developed and ran training programs for Summit Academy OIC. From there, he joined MnDOT as a deputy director, and recently appointed interim director of the Office of Civil Rights at the agency.

Tittle said he thinks there are enough workers to hit the stadium's lofty goals. "With Summit Academy, and organizations like them that produce training, there's a grand opportunity, because a lot of those individuals have been trained for this type of work," Tittle said. "Unfortunately a lot of them have not been employed since then, so the pipeline is pretty solid, I think."

He's expected to work with the MSFA through the construction of the new stadium.