MNSURE spreading the word via social media

Minnesota's new online health insurance marketplace, MNSURE, is turning to social media to inform consumers about its progress toward a launch this fall.

More than a million Minnesotans are projected to obtain health insurance online through MNSURE, which will allow consumers to comparison shop for health coverage starting Oct. 1.

In the meantime, consumers can turn to several social media outlets for updates.

Many people use social media now, said MNSURE spokesman John Reich, and it's a way for MNSURE staff to inform the public but also for the public to respond in turn.

"That's what's great about this sort of nontraditional media," he said, "is that we can receive real time feedback about things that are going on."

The four outlets include Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitter.

At LinkedIn, Reich said: "On that site there are not only business leaders but there are also compliance folks and other H.R. folks, who of course, do a bunch of networking on LinkedIn. And so our hope is that we can not only reach individuals but some of the small business leaders as well and push out some information about the benefits of MNSURE to them."

MNSURE's own website has been up for five months.

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