Are the new security rules during Vikings games excessive?

Tote bag
This is the largest bag that will be allowed in NFL stadiums from now on. The Vikings sent tote bags like these to ticket holders, as part of their awareness campaign about the new NFL policy. (MPR Photo/Tim Nelson)

"The Vikings will kick off their 2013 pre-season against the Houston Texans at 7 o’clock tonight. The NFL is also kicking off a new security regime and the Vikings will be banning a wide variety of items fans are used to carrying in to their seats," writes MPR News reporter Tim Nelson. "That includes women’s purses bigger than an open hand."

The NFL announced the plan earlier this summer in the wake of the Boston bombings. It’s the strictest security policy in professional sports and will be instituted across the league in coming days.

Here’s a cheat sheet for fans going to Vikings games, from now on.


Purses bigger than 4 .5″ by 6.5″


Coolers of any size


Fanny packs

Seat cushions

Camera bags

Computer bags


Clear tote bags, no bigger than 12″ by 12″ by 6 “

Gallon sized, clear resealable bags

Clutch purses without shoulder straps

Transparent plastic shopping bags, 12″ x 12″

Today's Question: Are the new security rules during Vikings games excessive?

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