State Senate gets another big legal bill in Brodkorb case

The cost for the Minnesota Senate to defend itself against a lawsuit brought by former Republican staffer Michael Brodkorb has now topped $319,000.

Lawmakers are expected to approve the latest invoice of $91,630 today during a Senate Rules Committee meeting. The 12-page invoice from the Larkin Hoffman Daly & Lindgren firm covers legal work done in May, June and July.

Senate Majority Leader Tom Bakk, DFL-Cook, said said he expect more bills to come as the defense continues.

"We don't feel as an employer that we've done anything wrong," Bakk said. When employees come to work at the Senate they sign a form that says they're an at-will employee. This employee was no different than any other."

The case is set to go to trial next July. Attorneys are preparing to interview key witnesses and gathering information for the case.  When the total bill reached nearly $230,000 earlier this year, senators budgeted an additional $500,000 for the case.

Brodkorb is suing the Senate over his 2011 firing, which came after the revelation of a sexual affair with then Republican Majority Leader Amy Koch. He claims his firing was unfair compared to others in similar circumstances.

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