Thoughtful debate on role of government won't come from Congress

Two former Minnesota Independence Party candidates for governor called for a long-overdue "full-fledged debate over the appropriate role of government" in a Star Tribune opinion piece this weekend.

Tim Penny and Tom Horner wrote about the government shutdown and how the current state of elections exacerbates partisan behavior:

Instead of a thoughtful discussion that explores legitimate ideological differences regarding the size and role of government, we hear only each side blaming the other. Republicans cry out for Obamacare's demise (hint: Obama has a veto pen), while Democrats loudly decry every attempt by Republicans to cut spending (hint: there aren't enough rich taxpayers to pay all our bills).

The need for balanced solutions is too important to leave to the partisans in Congress yet too urgent to ignore.

Penny and Horner join The Daily Circuit to discuss.

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