Vikings owners victims of anti-wealth bias?

The Strib's Mike Kaszuba mines the files in the Vikings owners New Jersey court case today for a nugget of insight into the Wilf's dealings. Zygi, Mark and Leonard Wilf were sued by business partners in a New Jersey real estate development and ordered to pay $84 million in damages.

A judge earlier ruled that "bad faith and evil motive were demonstrated in the testimony of Zygi Wilf himself." She also ruled that the Wilf's net worth, part of the consideration into damages in the case, could be made public, subject to appeal. And the Wilfs ARE appealing that.

Here's the highlight of the Wilf's filings in the Strib story today:

"(Judge Deanne Wilson) embraced an anti-wealth bias that gave undue weight to public curiosity. [The] trial court repeatedly commented that wealthy individuals like the Wilfs who work in a business that has high visibility must accept unwarranted invasions of privacy.”

Here's the back story on the case that threatened to derail Minnesota's billion dollar Viking stadium deal:


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