Varsity Theater picked as best restroom in America

Dinkytown's Varsity Theater has the best restrooms in America right now.

That's according to Cintas, a Cincinnati-based restroom supplier and service company. The Varsity's bathroom joins the ranks of the Field Museum in Chicago, Jungle Jim's International Market in Fairfield, Ohio, and the Grand Casino in Biloxi, Miss.

"The restroom is absolutely phenomenal...We've described it as an Alice in Wonderland grotto," said John Engel, a spokesman for Cintas.

The Varsity will get a plaque to note the designation, and now has a listing in the Best Restroom Contest Hall of Fame.

Engel said other winners have been notable for their ornament or practicality. Last year's winner, Buc-ee’s in New Braunfels, Texas  has no less than 83 stalls.

The company takes suggestions for contenders each year then selects a group of finalists and puts them on the web for online voting. The Walker Art Center was a finalist last year.

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Engel said the web photo, though, doesn't really do the Varsity justice: "There's an open cutout from the restroom that comes down through the bar, so even while you're up in the restroom you can still see the band up on stage. You can still hear it, the acoustics in the restroom are just incredible."


Of course, its a golden opportunity for Cintas to promote its products and services, but Engel said the effort has a more widespread application.

Cintas has developed a smart phone app, "Where to Wee" that locates and rates bathrooms for users. So you can use your iPhone to track down a true quality restroom experience.

The Varsity will have an icon on the app now that will designate them as one of America's Best Restrooms.