Review: ‘World’s End’ is smart, sophomoric satire

At first blush, "The World's End" seems like a knock-off of "The Hangover" with a British twist -- a group of aging blokes make plans to revisit a never-finished pub crawl from their younger days. Like the American hit, there's plenty of sophomoric humor to go around here.

But a satirical streak of smart social commentary makes "World's End" decidedly different. Well, that, and the invading alien overlords. Science fiction twists are par for the course for actors Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, the duo behind zombie-thriller "Shaun of the Dead" and buddy cop send-up "Hot Fuzz."

And while American frat comedies end on a sappy, emotional note, "World's End" spares no one. It's not quite "Game of Thrones," but it's pretty darn close. Watch the video above for our full review, and listen to the audio below for move reviews.

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