Grammy puts Okee Dokee Brothers into national spotlight in 2013

Okee Dokee Brothers
Okee Dokee Brothers
Courtesy of Alex Johnson

This interview is part of a year-end series with Minnesotans who made news in 2013.

For The Okee Dokee Brothers, 2013 was the year the duo went from local favorites to national stars.

On Feb. 10, Minnesotans Justin Lansing and Joe Mailander received a Grammy award for their children's music album, "Can You Canoe?"

"It took me a second to react," Mailander told the Pioneer Press. "Then I stood up and hugged Justin. We've been friends since we were 3 years old. It was such a meaningful moment, that our crazy adventures led us to this."

The album was inspired by a canoe trip they took down the Mississippi River in 2011.

Lansing and Mailander join The Daily Circuit to look back on that night and how their lives changed after winning the Grammy.