Photographer Alec Soth floods New Yorker’s Instagram feed with chilling images

Steam rolls off the Mississippi River in the pale blue morning. A snowman is given a criminal air by the glare of car headlights. A Wallace Stevens poem struggles to emerge on the page of an under-inked typewriter.

These are a few of the images  -- both photos and videos -- that Minnesota photographer Alec Soth is sharing on The New Yorker's Instagram feed.

Gary, Lake Street, Minneapolis. New Year's, 2014 (Photo by Alec Soth)

Soth, who goes by his business name @littlebrownmushroom on Instragram, was handed the reins of the magazine's account late on New Year's eve. He'll hand them back on Sunday, although one wonders if editors will extend the deal through Monday when Minnesota takes an even colder turn.

The New Yorker has been allowing photographers to guest host the feed since August of 2012.


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