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What will the next big social network look like?

If researchers from Princeton are right, Facebook will have gone the way of Friendster and MySpace by 2017. But if that's true, what will take its place?

Time reports:

Disease models can be used to understand the mass adoption and subsequent flight from online social networks, researchers at Princeton’s Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering say in a study released Jan. 17. The study has not been peer-reviewed. Updating traditional models on disease spread to assume that “recovery” requires contact with a nondiseased member — i.e., a nonuser of Facebook (“recovered” member of the population) — researchers predicted that Facebook would see a rapid decline, causing the site to lose 80% of its peak user base between 2015 and 2017.

So gaze into your crystal ball for Today's Question: What will the next big social network look like?