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Should Minneapolis increase the cost of running for office?

Mayoral candidates
From left, Captain Jack Sparrow, Jeff Wagner, Michael Gould and Dan Cohen are just a few of the 35 candidates that ran for Minneapolis mayor last year. (MPR Photo/Curtis Gilbert)

"Last year's mayoral race in Minneapolis included 35 candidates, ranging from a member of the Pirate Party to a (separate) candidate who ran under the name Captain Jack Sparrow. The crowded race spurred MSNBC commentator Rachel Maddow to describe the city's election as 'crazy pants.'" writes MPR News reporter Jon Collins.

The threshold to run for mayor may be higher in the future. The Minneapolis Charter Commission approved a proposal Wednesday to raise filing fees for city offices. The proposal goes before voters in November.

All filing fees for municipal offices in Minneapolis are currently $20. Voters would be asked to raise the fees to run for mayor to $500, city council fees to $250 and $100 each for positions with the Board of Estimate and Taxation or Park and Recreation Board.

"More than half the candidates who ran for mayor in the last election did not file campaign finance reports, that means they didn't spend more than $100 in their race," Charter Commission Chair Barry Clegg said. "People who don't spend $100 and don't vigorously campaign are not viable candidates for mayor."

Today's Question: Should Minneapolis increase the cost of running for office?

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