4 tips to financially survive freshman year of college

NYU dorm move-in
New York University freshmen students and their families fill rolling bins with their belongings as they move into their dorm rooms outside Hayden Hall August 29, 2011 in New York City.
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As another class of students start college in the fall, summer can be a good time to think about how to manage money during the transition from home.

Karin Price Mueller came up with 15 "money-related topics to think about in order to make sure you don't suck at being a financially responsible college student."

She joined The Daily Circuit and offered advice to stay financially stable while in school.

4 tips to financially survive freshman year of college

1. Shop around for textbooks.

Don't buy your textbooks new unless you have to. You can save hundreds of dollars by searching for used or electronic versions of your books online. And beware of the campus bookstore, she said. They are designed to entice you to buy other items such as apparel and expensive accessories you probably don't need.

2. Consider getting a credit card, but be careful.

It's important to start creating a credit history for the future, but make sure you understand the terms of the credit card, interest rates and the dangers of carrying a balance. One caller suggested using your savings account to save up for a major item you'd like to purchase and then buying that item with a credit card. Pay it off immediately with your savings.

3. Skip the expensive school apparel.

Most of the sweatshirts, hats and other items are overpriced. Consider asking for a special item from family for a holiday gift. One caller suggested getting involved with campus groups to score some of these items for free.

4. Take advantage of campus events.

School groups often host movies on campus and other events for free. The events often offer free food.

Check out her full list of tips here.

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