Noor pushes back on Entenza flier

Minneapolis House DFL candidate Mohamud Noor says a flier being sent by DFL State Auditor candidate Matt Entenza is misleading voters.

The flier, featured here on the Twitter feed of blogger Michael Brodkorb, shows Noor and Entenza posing for a picture.

Noor says he hasn't endorsed Entenza, but that the flier might lead voters to think that he has. In fact, Noor says he supports Entenza's primary day rival, State Auditor Rebecca Otto.

Noor spokesman Benjamin Fribley said the tactics were "deeply disappointing."

"Matt Entenza has misrepresented Mohamud and Mohamud's campaign; Mohamud does not, and has not, supported Matt Entenza for State Auditor," Fribley wrote in an email. "Mohamud called Rebecca Otto personally this morning to reassure her of our support."

Entenza spokesman Dave Colling said the campaign has been sending the flier to voters for about a month, though the campaign was not under the impression that Noor had endorsed Entenza.

When asked if thought it was misleading to send a flier featuring the two candidates as Noor contends, Colling said he would talk to the Noor campaign and get back to MPR News.

All that said, Noor and Entenza do have a relationship. Entenza endorsed Noor's candidacy in a DFL primary battle against Minneapolis Rep. Phyllis Kahn, who has served in the House for 42 years.

Noor's campaign has since removed Entenza's endorsement from its site.

"In light of his misuse of that photo we have determined that his endorsement no longer reflects the values of our campaign," Fribley said.

Here's screen shot of the old web page before Entenza's endorsement was taken down.

This is a screen shot of the Noor campaign website prior to Entenza's endorsement being removed.

Entenza and Otto have been locked in a hotly contested primary competition, with both sides claiming that the other is misrepresenting the facts.

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