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Ivey Awards: and the winners are…

Monday night marked the first time an Ivey Lifetime Achievement Award has been shared by two theater professionals.

The split is fitting, since the winners are theater duo Michael Robins and Bonnie Morris.

They co-run the Illusion Theater, which has developed more than 350 new plays since Robins founded the company in 1974.

Young triple-threat Tyler Michaels, a graduate of Minnesota State University Moorhead's Theatre Arts program, won the Emerging Artist Award.

In addition, the following awards were presented:

Both Theater Latté Da's production of "Cabaret" and Nautilus Music-Theater's production of "Ordinary Days" were recognized for their "overall excellence."

The Minnesota Jewish Theatre Company's production of "Rose" was recognized for its "intellect and emotional intensity."

Sally Wingert was presented an award for an exceptional year of acting, including roles in "Rose," "The Receptionist," "Cabaret" and "Tribes."

The cast of Jungle Theater's production of "Driving Miss Daisy" was recognized for its ensemble performance.

Actors Nathan Cousins and Tristan Tifft were awarded for their performance in The 39 Steps at Yellow Tree Theatre. Director Anne Byrd also won an award.

Playwright Seraphina Nova was recognized for her play "Dogwood."

Eduardo Sicangco won for his set design and costume in the Children’s Theatre Company's production of "Cinderella."

Sandy Spieler and Julie Boada won awards for their design of In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre's "Between the Worlds."

The Ivey Awards are based on evaluations completed volunteer theater evaluators; there are no nominees or pre-determined award categories. In addition, each participating theater receives a vote to determine the Lifetime Achievement and Emerging Artist Awards.

Editor's Note: A previous version of this story mistakenly identified Michael Robins and Bonnie Morris as married. They are not.