Do you support a new gas tax for roads, bridges?

Governor Dayton
Gov. Mark Dayton responds to a question during the gubernatorial candidate debate Wednesday, Oct.8, 2014, at Hansen Theatre on the campus of Minnesota State University Moorhead. David Samson / The Fargo Forum

"After saying up until this point in his re-election campaign that he had no plans to raise taxes in a second term, Gov. Mark Dayton said Wednesday night he would propose putting a sales tax on gasoline to raise money for road and bridge projects," writes MPR News reporter Tom Scheck.

He floated the idea right at the start of the second debate with his two challengers, Republican Jeff Johnson and Independence Party candidate Hannah Nicollet, when the candidates were asked for specifics about what they would do if elected.

"I'll make a specific proposal that will include a sales tax on gasoline that will raise close to the $6.5 billion that we're short for transportation funding over the next 10 years," the DFLer said.

The governor has said in the past that Minnesota can't maintain its current transportation system without new revenue, but he's never outlined a specific plan. He's also said anyone suggesting transportation needs can be met with existing funds isn't being honest.

Johnson and Nicollet disagreed, saying they think they can find money in the existing budget.

Today's Question: Do you support a new gas tax for roads, bridges?

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