Photos: Kiteboarding takes over Lake Minnetonka

Examining wind
Snowkiters and spectators examine the winds on Lake Minnetonka before the start of the Excelsior Brewing Snow Kite Open in Excelsior, Minn., Saturday, Feb. 7, 2015.
Jeffrey Thompson | MPR News

The Upper Midwest is home to a number of events featuring kiteboarding. The Excelsior Brewing Snow Kite open took place earlier this month on Lake Minnetonka.

The Mille Lacs Kite Crossing is scheduled to take place from March 6-8, 2015.

Kiteboarders connect themselves to a large kite and move by catching the wind. The kite is steered by a control bar that's harnessed to the rider. Depending on the surface, whether it's water or ice, the items riders wear on their feet can range from skis to ice skates to even a surfboard.

The feeling of being pulled around by a kite is euphoric, says Mike Kratochwill.

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