How much is too much to pay for Southwest light rail?

The Southwest Corridor light rail project appears to be in serious trouble, writes MPR News reporter Curtis Gilbert.

News Monday that the proposed project's estimated costs had swelled to $2 billion led critics and supporters to question if the proposed Minneapolis-to-Eden Prairie line was worth the money.

State and local taxpayers have already poured close to $60 million into planning the southwest line. Gov. Mark Dayton says he won't back spending any more unless he's "satisfied that its cost can be justified and properly managed."

He also called for an outside review to examine how Metropolitan Council staff underestimated the project's cost and whether the council is up to the task of managing "a project of this magnitude."

"There are enormous cost implications for everybody who's been a partner in this operation," Dayton said. "There's no guarantee that it won't go higher as other events unfold. So it's very, very concerning."

Today's Question: How much is too much to pay for Southwest Corridor light rail?

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