The Daily Digest: Big money winners, big money losers

Good Friday morning. Here are five politics stories to follow today.

1. Money, money, money.

Candidates in Minnesota's 2nd District are bringing in relatively large amounts of money. That includes incumbent Rep. John Kline and one of his DFL challengers, Angie Craig. The reports also reveal some fairly successful fundraising efforts in Minnesota by presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

2. Biggest losers.

In the past 24 hours, a lot of media attention has been given to presidential candidates who raised a lot of cash in the most recent fundraising quarter. But what about the candidates who didn't rake in much at all? (Politico)

3. Tennessee shooting investigation.

Federal agents are investigating a shooting at a Chattanooga, Tenn., military recruiting office as an act of terrorism, though so far, investigators are say they do not have evidence that ties the gunman directly to international terrorist organizations. (The New York Times)

4. Extra Uber.

The presidential candidates are using everyone's favorite car service to make a point about economics and job security. Depending on their politics, the candidates are either extolling the service as a shining example of the free market or evidence for the need for stricter labor laws. (The New York Times)

5. Education overhaul passes Senate.

A massive education bill meant to overhaul the No Child Left Behind law of the Bush years passed the Senate yesterday. Sen. Al Franken sent out a press release saying that nine provisions he sponsored ended up in the bill. (National Journal)

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