The Daily Digest: Vikings stadium costs

Good morning. Here are five political stories to follow today.

1. $50 million more?

The Vikings stadium may be over budget by $50 million. Complicating matters is a dispute over who will pay for the cost overrides. (The Star Tribune)

2. Lawmakers skeptical of Iran deal.

Obama administration officials have been at the U.S. Capitol all week drumming up support for a nuclear deal with Iran. The latest complaint about the potential agreement from some lawmakers is around "secret" agreements between Iran and the Tehran and International Atomic Energy Agency. (The Washington Post)

3. Clinton lags in swing states.

New polling shows that Hillary Clinton is lagging Republicans in critical swing states, namely Colorado, Iowa and Virginia. (Politico)

4. Cadi tax.

Add the St. Paul School District to a list of companies and other employers who are slimming down their health care benefits to avoid a tax on "Cadillac" health coverage. These are especially generous plans, and that means employees are likely to pay more for their care. (The Pioneer Press)

5. Flip phones should be destroyed anyway. 

Sen. Lindsey Graham responds to Donald Trump giving his personal cell number out at an event in South Carolina. (NPR)

Before you go...

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