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Minnesota's 'Daily Show' moments

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Jon Stewart hosts his final "Daily Show" tonight at 10.

Home of Jesse Ventura, #pointergate, Al Franken and food on a stick, Minnesota hasn't escaped the spotlight in Stewart's nearly 16 years as the man behind the desk

Some classic Minnesota "Daily Show" moments:


1) Moment of Zen: No Eye Contact for You

April 15, 2015: The Minnesota Legislature upheld its ban on eye contact during floor debate.


2) #pointergate: Signs of Anarchy

Nov. 12, 2014: Who can forget #pointergate? The Internet moved into full-on parody mode after a KSTP report on Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges flashing what the story called "a known gang sign" in a photo.

Minneapolis makes The Daily Show
'Daily Show' host Jon Stewart lampoons a KSTP report, later dubbed #pointergate, that Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges flashed a gang symbol in a photo with a neighborhood organizer. | WATCH the episode
Screenshot via TheDailyShow.cc.com


3) The NCAA's Perfectly Fair Rules

April 11, 2013: The University of Minnesota kicked Joel Bauman off the school's wrestling team for posting a few rap videos online under his own name. 

The U's compliance director, citing NCAA rules, said student athletes "are not allowed to use their name, image or status as a collegiate student-athlete to promote the sale of a commercial product, including songs affiliated with a music career."


 4) The League of Exculpatory Gentlemen - The Fault in Our Star Players

Sept. 17, 2014: "The Daily Show" takes a look at the National Football League's attempt to address domestic and child abuse among its players. Featuring the Vikings' Adrian Peterson.


5) This Just In: Needles in Pen

Feb. 9, 1999: A Rochester, Minn., prison launched a program to teach inmates to crochet as a means of stress relief.


6) Headlines: Ventura Still King of the Ring

Aug. 23, 1999: Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura referees wrestling's Summer Slam in Minneapolis.


7) Herbstore Cowboys

April 13, 2000: Remember when Steve Carell was a "Daily Show" correspondent? Here, he explores St. Paul's "herbal underworld" — of echinacea.


8) This just in: Gulls Gone Wild

April 24, 2000: A Minneapolis performance artist covers his body in popcorn and lets the seagulls peck the food off his body.


9) Hall of Chickens

Feb. 29, 2000: Steve Carell heads to northern Minnesota to meet Loyl Stromberg, who's on a crusade to "preserve our national chicken heritage."


10) It's the Great Gatsby, Charlie Brown

Jan. 25, 2005: "Daily Show" correspondent Rob Corddry explores the brewing culture war of St. Paul's "Peanuts" and F. Scott Fitzgerald statues.


The show has also hosted a slew of Minnesota political figures: Sen. Norm ColemanSen. Al Franken (a few times), Gov. Tim Pawlenty (more than once) — and even made St. Paul its home that time the RNC came to town.

And another one for the Minnesota connections book: "The Daily Show" creator Lizz Winstead is from the Twin Cities. Her brother Gene is the mayor of Bloomington.