Drivers warned to watch for hundreds of cyclists in north-central Minnesota

The Minnesota Department of Transportation is warning drivers to watch out for hundreds of cyclists in north-central Minnesota this week.

The Annual Bicycling Around Minnesota event will lead a group of nearly 300 cyclists in a loop through Brainerd, Pine River, Crosby and Little Falls starting August 13. The four-day, 250-mile trip will run along several designated bike trails, but also covers a lot of highway.

During the ride, MnDOT is warning drivers to be extra careful of cyclists.

"Drivers are used to seeing one or two cyclists at a time," said MnDOT spokeswoman Sue Roe.

The last leg of the loop will bring cyclists down country roads from Little Falls to Brainerd. On those types of roads, drivers might not be used to seeing cyclists at all, much less a few hundred.

Minnesota law requires drivers to give cyclists a 3-foot berth when passing. With larger groups, Roe recommends extra space.

"It's not everyday you see that many cyclists all at once," she said.

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