Daily Digest: what comes after Boehner?

Good morning, welcome to Monday and a new work week. The Vikings, Twins and Lynx all won yesterday following a Gopher football win Saturday. That only happens on the night of a super blood moon.

Here's your Digest.

1.Now that House Speaker John Boehner has announced he's leaving there's a lot of uncertainty in Washington about what comes next. (New York Times)

2. Boehner says there will be no government shutdown on Oct 1. (Washington Post)

3. Get ready to pay more for water in coming years. (AP via MPR News)

4. There's another fight over fish going on in Minnesota, and it doesn't involve Mille Lacs. (MPR News)

5. Minnesota suburbs are leaning more toward Democrats, but the exurbs are Republican strongholds. (Pioneer Press)

Before you go...

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