Daily Digest: Rubio attacks

Hey, look at that. We made it to Friday, and if that's not good news enough, the pledge drive is over! There was a feisty Republican debate in Texas last night. Let's take a look at the Digest.

1. Marco Rubio finally went on the attack against Donald Trump. Ted Cruz piled on. "I know you're getting beaten badly," Trump said at one point. "Swing for the fences." It all led Ben Carson to ask,"Can somebody attack me, please?" (New York Times)

2. Let's look at the facts. (Politico)

3. After being confronted by a protester in South Carolina, Hillary Clinton is trying to explain a remark she made 20 years ago about gangs and crime . (Washington Post)

4. The White House took executive action to try to help Iron Range steel workers. (Star Tribune)

5. If you read only one story today, make it this one. (NPR)

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