Art Hounds: 'It's Alive!' and other acts of creativity

'It's Alive!'
The Minnesota Center for Book Arts presents an exhibition of artwork inspired by Mary Shelleyrs classic novel "Frankenstein."
Courtesy of the Minnesota Center for Book Arts

Art enthusiast and occasional printmaker Florence Brammer has always loved Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein," so she's particularly delighted by the new exhibition at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts. As part of the global celebration of the novel's bicentennial, the MCBA has put together a show of works that examine themes raised in the book. Prints, books and paper sculptures all "come alive" with their own take on horror and the beast within our own human nature. "It's Alive!" runs through Oct. 31, and ends with a Halloween read-a-thon of Shelley's classic.

Videographer and musician Ryan Stokes has been following The Gated Community for years now, and is impressed by how the country, bluegrass and Americana band has come into its own with an engaging stage presence and rich vocals. TGC is celebrating its 10th year with a new album, "Country Hymn." The band performs Saturday, Sept. 17, at the Eagles Club in Minneapolis.

Podcast producer Stephani Atkins is excited about "Take Me to the River," taking place on both sides of the St. Croix River on the last two weekends of September. She says it's really a "festival of festivals," featuring art fairs, music festivals, open studios and theater performances. It's a lovely and fantastic way to meander up and down the St. Croix River while enjoying the colors of both art and nature. You can find full details here.

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