Photos: A walk through Mayo Clinic's healing art

Man and Freedom by Ivan Mestrovic
1 "Man and Freedom" by Ivan Mestrovic: Mestrovic was a Croatian sculptor who created this 27 ft. statue as a token of gratitude for the United States for its role in freeing Nazi concentration camp prisoners. It is located in the Landow Atrium of the Gonda Building. It formerly hung outside the Mayo building. 
Endangered Species by Andy Warhol
2 "Endangered Species" by Andy Warhol: Located in an underground corridor between the Charlton and Gonda Buildings of the Mayo Clinic campus in downtown Rochester. They were previously housed in the hospital's pediatric clinic. 
Untitled by Dale Chihuly
3 "Untitled" by Dale Chihuly: Thirteen blown glass sculptures hang high in the Gonda Building. Scanlon said Chihuly used glass in blue, green and yellow to reflect the biological aspects of medicine. 
Four Houses by Jennifer Bartlett
4 "Four Houses" by Jennifer Bartlett: Bartlett was working on this painting in 2001, when the World Trade Centers collapsed. Bartlett's studio was just a few blocks from the site, and Scanlon said she - and the painting - barely survived the collapse of the towers. 
The Archer by Joan Miro
5 "The Archer" by Joan Miro: This abstract piece points out what Scanlon says is a controversy in the world of medical art. Some research suggests that realistic art of nature is better for the medical setting. But Scanlon says that abstract art, such as "The Archer" have great value, too. 
"John D'Aire" by August Rodin, and Dr. Paul Scanlon
6 "John D'Aire" by August Rodin: Dr. Paul Scanlon stands by the sculpture that is part of a larger piece by the French sculptor. It was acquired by a Mayo Clinic doctor after winning a bet with its former owner. Scanlon, medical director of the Mayo Clinic Dolores Jean Lavins Center for Humanities in Medicine and chair of the Mayo Clinic Humanities in Medicine Committee., is a specialist in pulmonary and critical care medicine at the Mayo Clinic, but he is also passionate about art and the humanities. 
Renewal of Life designed by Carl Schmitt Studio
7 "Renewal of Life" designed by Carl Schmitt Studio, fabricated in Pietrasanta, Italy: This sliver of a massive mosaic is located in the lobby of the Eisenberg Building. Until recently, most of the mosaic has been covered up for decades. 
Untitled by Therman Statom
8 American artist Therman Statom created this untitled piece of mixed media with glass in 2001. The piece sits in a lobby room near the main entrance to the Gonda Building. 
Off on His Own by Maggi Giles
9 Entitled 'Off on His Own', this whimsical porcelain sculpture was created by the English artist Maggi Giles. 
My Brother and I by Tuck Langland
10 "My Brother and I" by Tuck Langland: A bronze sculpture of William and Charles Mayo, the brothers and physicians who founded the Mayo Clinic, greets visitors as they approach the entrance of the Gonda Building. 
Fish by Alexander Calder
11 "Fish" by Alexander Calder: Calder was best known for his mobiles. This piece was a gift from Calder to a surgeon close to Charles and William Mayo. 
Constellation Earth by Paul Granlund.
12 "Constellation Earth" by Paul Granlund: The seven human figures in this bronze sculpture are meant to represent Earth's seven continents.