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What's behind the growing urban, rural divide?

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Cattle graze near Redwood Falls, Minn.
Cattle graze near Beaver Creek on a farm north of Redwood Falls, Minn. Brian Peterson|Star Tribune via AP
Brian Peterson | AP

An overwhelming percentage of the United States — about 97 percent— is considered rural, but is home to only a small percentage of the population — about 19 percent. The remaining 80 percent live in urban areas, according to the Census Bureau. 

This is a big shift from 100 years ago when the urban, rural split was nearly 50/50 reported the Monthly Labor Review.

MPR News host Kerri Miller, professor Dante Chinni and reporter Jeff Guo, talked about shifting demographics and the growing urban versus rural divide. 

Chinni is the head of the American Communities Project at American University and writer for the Politics Counts blog. Guo is a reporter for the Washington Post who focuses on economics.

 To hear the full conversation, use the audio player above.