Art Hounds: Looking into the vortex

"Vortex Drawing 13"
"Vortex Drawing 13" by Alexa Horochowski
Courtesy of Highpoint Center for Printmaking

Graphic designer Adam Demers paid a visit to Highpoint Center for Printmaking in Minneapolis, and was blown away, so to speak, by Alexa Horochowski's new show. He says he was equally impressed by the images and by the process used to make them. Horochowski created a wind vortex and then placed things like packing peanuts and polystyrene cups in the center. The plastics, coated with oil or ink, then marked the paper with dizzying patterns as they blew in circles. The hypnotic prints draw viewers in while inspiring them to think about the Pacific Ocean trash vortex and other unsettling environmental issues. On display in the Highpoint Gallery through March 25.

Retired entertainment vendor Terry Lipelt says you should buckle your seatbelt at the start of "Peter and the Star Catcher," because it is a fast-paced and fun romp that never lets up. The musical looks at the life of Peter Pan before he became "Peter Pan." Lipelt says the cast, set, props and music all work together to create an engaging, bold and exuberant show. Theater Latte Da's production runs through Feb. 26 at the Ritz Theater in Minneapolis.

Art maker and curator Rene Meyer-Grimberg was intrigued by Body Cartography Project's latest two-part work at Carleton College in Northfield. "Felt Room" is a dance that takes place in a darkened room — dance maker Olive Bieringa says it's designed to be felt more than seen. In between live performances of "Felt Room," Carleton is screening Otto Ramstad's performance "Lineage" which looks at Ramstad's ancestral and artistic heritage. At Carleton's Perlman Teaching Museum through Feb. 23.

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