Climate Cast: Weather whiplash in California

Climate Cast
Every Thursday, MPR meteorologist Paul Huttner joins Kerri Miller to talk about the latest research on our changing climate and the consequences we're seeing here in Minnesota and worldwide.
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California's experiencing a "weather whiplash" in changing from drought to flood, says MPR's chief meteorologist Paul Huttner.

What's more: Climate change is "amplifying the water cycle," Huttner said.

He spoke with Peter Gleick, president emeritus of the Pacific Institute, about the weather changes they're seeing in California as a result of climate change.

"We've had five horrible years of drought and the drought broke with a massive amount of rain, a massive amount of snow," said Gleick. "So mostly it's been a great water year."

Gleick's work takes him beyond California — he studies water resources around the globe. Higher temperatures caused by climate change are increasing water needs.

"If climate change is a shark, then water resources are the teeth," he said. "That's what's really going to bite us."

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