Manchita performs emotional new solo EP in The Current studio

Manchita performs in The Current studio.
Manchita performs in The Current studio.
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Manchita and producer Bionik visited The Current's studio to talk about her new solo project and record a session with Local Show host Andrea Swensson and MPR News host Tom Weber as a part of the Summer Music Series.

Manchita's debut solo project, One, came out earlier this summer and the EP is distinctly unlike her previous work. The EP reveals a softer, more introspective side than her material with GRRRL PRTY did; the music on this EP is more heavy-hearted and earnest, rather than upbeat and aggressive. According to Manchita, this can be attributed to the fact that the album is focused around an impactful point in her life.

"This music, some of it was written right before, or during, and then the rest was written after sort of a pivotal moment in my life last spring where I had to kind of reevaluate everything and take control of my mental health," she told Swensson and Weber.

The result of this life-changing experience was an EP of five songs with lyrics that tackle mental health, sexual assault, loss, and survival. While it is clear that the writing process involved self-reflection, the songs are written in such a way that they remain open-ended, allowing listeners to identify with each in whatever way they need to.

For Manchita, the project has signified both musical as well as personal growth. "The whole thing for me is about surviving witnessing myself be vulnerable -- because the whole record is just like my guts in a little piece of cardboard," Manchita explained. "It was very much a mental task to just allow this to be what it is."

At its essence then, One truly is a personal project, with self-exploration and healing at its focal point. As Manchita said, "It's just true to where I am as a human."

Use the audio player above to hear the full in-studio session and hear more about the inspiration behind One. You can hear more sessions from the Summer Music Series on Tom Weber's show on MPR News on Fridays at 11 a.m.; and on The Current's Local Show on Sunday nights at 6 p.m.

Songs Performed

"Cashed" "Shame on Me" "Head Right" "Tell Me What We" "Can't Save You"

One is available on SoundCloud.

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