Photos: Diehards and newcomers don't fill up caucus rooms

Ruth Richardson, candidate for House of Representatives District 52B
"I have to say it takes a bit of nerve to be up in front of a crowd like this, but I have to be accountable," said Ruth Richardson, candidate for House of Representatives District 52B, who laughs with Precinct 4 members during a DFL caucus at Simley Senior High School in Inver Grove Heights on Tuesday. Richardson has never held an office before.
Richard Marshall for MPR News

Unlike the 2016 election season, when caucus rooms across Minnesota were packed, Tuesday night's turnout was very low.

Republicans had fewer than 11,000 votes in caucuses across the state, and Democrats had fewer than 30,000. An inch or two of snow in some parts of the state didn't help.

Even so, some community members came together to campaign and volunteer for the election season ahead.

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