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Extreme filmmaking: How 'adventure filmmaker' Bryan Smith gets seemingly impossible shots

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Bryan Smith in the field.
Bryan Smith in the field for National Geographic.
Pablo Durana | National Geographic
Bryan Smith and camera platform suspended from trees.
Bryan Smith and camera platform suspended from trees.
Reel Water Productions

Filmmaker Bryan Smith is known for taking his cameras to outrageous places to record people doing outrageous things—from downhill kayaking, to tight-rope walking over deep valleys, to free-climbing sheer rock cliffs. 

Smith works with National Geographic on documentaries and TV series and he is credited for his ability to set up seemingly impossible camera shots of extreme sports.

  Smith was in Minnesota for a "National Geographic LIVE" event at The Fitzgerald Theater in St. Paul. 

Smith is based out of Squamish, British Columbia and his work as appeared all over the world in film festivals. 

His most recent production, "The Man Who Can Fly," is a 60 minute special for the National Geographic "Explorer" series. 

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