Earth Rx: Climate solutions for a changing planet

Earth Rx: Climate solutions for a changing planet
Earth Rx: Climate solutions for a changing planet
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The science is clear: We are changing Earth's climate.

Just look to last year. The overheated Atlantic Ocean fueled hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria, which rank among the five costliest storms in U.S. history.

The emerging science of climate attribution finds climate change's fingerprints on those storms' rapid intensification, which even surprised meteorologists.

Today, scientists, risk experts, and policymakers are now asking: Are these storms the new normal in our volatile, 21st century climate?

And we know climate solutions are already here. But will we deploy them fast enough?

In this Climate Cast special, MPR News chief meteorologist Paul Huttner discusses the latest in climate science and how our energy use, driving habits and diet affect the climate. Plus, we hear from citizens who are making a difference for our planet.

Here are the topics we cover and the guests who help us understand them:

• Extreme weather and climate attribution science: Jason Samenow and Angela Fritz of the Washington Post's Capital Weather Gang

• The significance of Arctic warming: Mark Serreze of the National Snow and Ice Data Center

• Communicating climate change: Bernadette Woods Placky of Climate Central

• Environmental effects of agriculture and diet: Gidon Eshel, a Bard research professor of environmental studies and physics

• Climate change and water solutions: Amy Skoczlas Cole, managing director of The Water Main.

Feeding the future: MPR News environment reporter Elizabeth Dunbar

• Technology revolution: J.Drake Hamilton of Fresh Energy

• What you can do: John Rogers of the Union of Concerned Scientists

And the individuals who share their personal climate stories: Olya Wright, Jaqueline Patterson, Dr. Nyasha Spears, Kirsten Stade, Emily Her, Kent Snyder and Jessie Diggins.

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