8 loved lakes: Crane Lake (4) v Lake Pepin (5)

Lake Superior led the last round of voting for most-loved lake
It's perhaps not the greatest surprise that Lake Superior led our last round of voting for Minnesota's most-loved lake. Here's who made the top eight.
Richard Hamilton Smith, courtesy of The Nature Conservancy

After over 11,000 votes for the top 20 lakes, you've narrowed it down to Minnesota's elite eight lakes.

Now, it's time to whittle that number down to the final four before we announce a winner April 30.

Here's the schedule for the first round of voting.
• April 11, Winner: Lake Superior (1) v Lake Waconia (8)
• April 13: Winner: Rainy Lake (2) v Lake Minnewaska (7)
• April 15: Lake Vermilion (3) v Winner: Lake Kabetogama (6)
• April 17 Crane Lake (4) v Lake Pepin (5)

Vote now: Crane Lake (4) v Lake Pepin (5)

Click on any of the lakes above to learn more about them, and cast your ballot below. We also asked what makes each lake so special to those who nominated it as their favorite. Read their stories on the features for each lake, linked above.

With help from the Water Main, we'll host a performance on the shore of the winning lake.

Tell MPR News and the Water Main: What makes your lake special?

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