Spend some quality time with dad this Father's Day

Father's Day
A father throws up his son at a park in Amritsar, India on Father's Day 2016, a day observed in many countries to celebrate fathers and fatherhood.
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Every dad is different. Your father may decide that the best way to spend Father's Day is lounging on his La-Z-Boy recliner with his favorite TV show.

But chances are your pop might also want to spend time with his children doing something everyone can enjoy. So here are a few ideas on ways to share quality time with your dad this weekend.

For the history buff

Spend a day at the Minnesota History Center in St. Paul. The center is open from noon to 5 p.m. on Sundays. Or visit one of the 26 locations run by the Minnesota Historical Society like the Charles Lindbergh House and Museum in Little Falls, open from noon to 5 p.m. on Sundays.

Consider a couple tickets to one of the many walking history tours offered by the center. Not all of the walking tours are available the weekend of Father's Day, but the Minneapolis Riverfront Walking Tour is offered Sunday, along with the Riverfront Quest Family Walking tour, designed for ages 6 to 11, with an adult accompaniment.

For the sports fan

If your dad is the kind of sports fan who just prefers live events, the Minnesota Lynx play at 7 p.m. Saturday at Target Center.

The Twins are on the road in Cleveland the entire Father's Day weekend. But who says you can't still enjoy the game? Treat your dad to a couple rounds at your favorite sports bar.

Kelly's Bar in Red Wing, Minnesota
Go ahead, get fries while you're watching the game.
Luke Taylor | MPR

If you would rather skip the bar, enjoy the Twins game from home on Fox Sports Network starting at 12:10 p.m.

For the outdoor explorer

Take a trip with your old man down "Old Man River." Starting at 10 a.m. Sunday at Hidden Falls Regional Park's north gate, explore the Mississippi River in a 24-foot Voyageur canoe that holds between six to 10 paddlers. You can register at the Wilderness Inquiry website.

Hiking to recording location at the Maroon Bells
Spend Father's Day taking in the sights on a hike.
Nate Ryan | AP

If your father wants to go fishing, tag along. Maybe handle tying the knots, caring for the tackle or driving the boat while he casts for his next walleye catch.

Or spend a day at one of the many Minnesota state parks. With 72 parks to choose from, you can either plan a long trip, or find one closer to home. Plan a hike, launch the boat or just set up camp for a bit with your dad.

For a great gift idea, consider a parachute hammock with tree straps. They're quick to set up, can pack away for easy transportation and offer perfect destination napping, whether in the backyard or at your dad's favorite camp.

For the gadget fan

If you have a dad that's a big fan of the latest gadget, it might take some creative thinking to figure out a way to spend time with him without breaking the bank on a new device.

So rather than looking to buy something new, offer to spend time helping him organize or catalog any of his devices or collections. Maybe it's time to back up his computer with an external hard drive. Labeling and organizing various cables can also be a big help for digital device fans. (Is that a USB-B, mini-USB or USB-C connection? Who can tell?)

If he happens to have a projector, or you can rent one for a night, set up a backyard movie screening with the family — project the movie on a white sheet weighed down from a clothesline.

For the handyman

Help him knock out his "honey-do" list from mom. Ask your dad to teach you a new home improvement skill, if he enjoys passing on his knowledge.

No project is complete without multiple trips to the hardware store. Offer to pick up the supplies for every trip, then foot the bill.

Or, if your dad prefers to spend Father's day avoiding the chores, offer him the chance to be foreman for a day, and complete the tasks he wants for him.

For any possible dad

If none of these ideas inspire you, go simple. Have a game night featuring his favorite game. Host a cookout where he decides what's on the menu. Head to the bowling alley for a game. With a little thought, your dad will thoroughly enjoy the time you spend together.

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