Climate change activism has hit a new level in Minnesota

Hundreds gathered at the Capitol to protest an oil pipeline.
Hundreds gathered at the Capitol to protest Enbridge's Line 3 oil pipeline, a subject of MPR News' latest podcast.
Maria Alejandra Cardona | MPR News

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The battle for the future of oil pipelines and the impacts on climate change in Minnesota is on. Who's winning? We'll start Climate Cast by posing that question to MPR News reporter Dan Kraker, who just launched a new podcast called Rivers of Oil.

Here's your rundown for this week's show:

The intersection of oil pipelines and climate change. Kraker tells us about his reporting and new podcast. Listen wherever you get your podcasts, or at

The $1 trillion question? That's the coastal real estate value the Union of Concerned Scientists estimates will be lost by 2100 from sea level rise. The new report says 2.4 million homes are at risk. That's the equivalent of losing all the homes in Los Angeles and Houston to climate change by 2100.

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