Globetrotting giant red ball lands in Fargo-Moorhead

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A giant red ball appeared on Minnesota State University Moorhead Friday.
A giant red ball appeared on Minnesota State University Moorhead Friday, Oct. 5, 2018. The 15-foot red ball is part of a traveling art project that has traveled to 31 cities around the world.
Matt Mikus | MPR News

A traveling giant red ball landed in Moorhead Friday, will cross into Fargo, N.D., on Saturday and then hang out in the region until Wednesday as part of a global street art project.

The RedBall Project by New York artist Kurt Perschke has traveled to 31 cities around the world over 17 years. Stops include Montreal, Chicago, Sydney, Barcelona and Galway, Ireland. Fargo is the last planned stop for 2018.

The visit was organized by Plains Art Museum and Minnesota State University Moorhead. Visitors are encouraged to have some fun around the giant, inflatable sphere.

"It is an opportunity to make people stop and look at a part of their surroundings that maybe they haven't stopped and looked at before," said Brit Worgan, a photographer from Brooklyn, N.Y., who travels with the art project.

"Everybody has the same reactions of curiosity, wonder, and kid-like excitement," Worgan said. "It's interactive, so you can bounce on it, you can lean into it, you can push it do all sorts of things."

The 15-foot tall red inflatable ball can be spotted around Fargo-Moorhead. It showed up Thursday at the Plains Art Museum and Friday that gates of Minnesota State.

Here's the rest of its Red River Valley schedule. Hours are from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.:

• Oct. 6, Great Northern Bicycle Company, Fargo

• Oct. 7, Lindenwood-Gooseberry Park Pedestrian Bridge

• Oct. 8, Fargo Parks & Rec Office, Main Avenue

• Oct. 9, Rourke Art Gallery + Museum, Moorhead

• Oct. 10 Fargo Theatre