Poll: Most approve of Dayton’s job performance

Most Minnesotans approve or strongly approve of Governor Dayton's job during his 2 terms in office, according to the latest MPR News | Star Tribune Minnesota Poll.

A new poll shows Minnesotans have mixed feelings about Gov. Mark Dayton as he nears the end of his final term in office.

The survey of 800 likely voters early last week found 39 percent have a favorable opinion of Dayton. Thirty-one percent have an unfavorable opinion and 28 percent have a neutral view. Two percent said they didn’t recognize his name.

Dayton, a Democrat, was elected governor in 2010 and reelected in 2014. He chose not to run this year for a third term.

Pollsters also asked participants to rate Dayton’s overall job performance during the past eight years. Statewide, 30 percent strongly approved, 27 percent somewhat approved, 15 percent somewhat disapproved and 26 percent strongly disapproved.

Dayton’s best numbers came from Hennepin and Ramsey Counties and he did better among women than men.

Not surprisingly, a majority of self-identified Democrats (58%) gave him the top rating and a majority of Republicans (52%) gave him the lowest. The opinions of independents were more tempered, but a majority still approve of his performance.

Mason-Dixon Polling & Strategy interviewed voters Oct. 15-17. The poll has a margin of error is plus or minus 3.5 percentage points.

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