Journalists reflect on former Gov. Ventura's time in office

Gov. Jesse Ventura nicknamed the media jackals.
Gov. Jesse Ventura nicknamed the media "jackals." Laura McCallum was MPR News' Capitol Bureau Chief at the time, and an official jackal.
Tony Saunders | MPR News

November 3 marks the 20th anniversary of one of the most remarkable moments in Minnesota's political history: the day Jesse Ventura was elected governor.

The Reform Party candidate and former professional wrestler ran an unconventional campaign and had an unconventional approach to governing.

To mark the anniversary, MPR's All Things Considered host Tom Crann talked with two of the journalists who covered the Governor Ventura era: Kerri Miller who was with KARE-TV at the time and Tom Hauser, a reporter for KSTP-TV. He is the author of "Inside the Ropes With Jesse Ventura."

While in office, Ventura nicknamed the media "jackals." His office distributed "Official Jackal" press passes to the Capitol press corps, who then created media jackal t-shirts for themselves.

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