Art Hounds: Old Log Theatre stages the farce 'Lend Me A Tenor'

Lend Me a Tenor
David Beukema (left) and Luke Davidson star in the Old Log Theatre's production of the popular farce "Lend Me A Tenor."
Courtesy of Old Log Theatre

Avid theater-goer Florence Brammer just saw Old Log Theatre's production of "Lend Me A Tenor." She says it's a classic farce with lots of mistaken identities, romantic mishaps and door-slamming. Brammer finds it interesting that the farce — which has its roots in the Middle Ages amidst a desperate need for laughter — still finds a market in today's supposedly more civilized climate. Performances run through Feb. 16.

Musician John Sievers is looking forward to a full evening of Minnesota music on Friday, Jan. 11 at The Castle in Rochester. Sievers says the new venue, located in a rehabbed armory, adds a much-needed space for the growing local music scene. Next Friday's line-up includes Yam Haus, Twin Lakes, Breakthrough and Under The Pavilion; doors open at 6:30 p.m.

Artist Heather Everhart is quite taken with sculptor Jim Dryden's latest show "Impromptu" at Traffic Zone Center for Visual Art in Minneapolis. One work titled "Anthem" is made up of 500 brightly colored stainless-steel ellipses that move gently, casting a complex pattern of shadows. The form simultaneously references blood cells, galactic trajectories and musical notes. The exhibition has been extended through Jan. 11.

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