Less fat-shaming, more body positivity

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Today, almost 30 percent of the world is obese and those plus-sized individuals are often singled-out for their weight. In public, they can be targets for name-calling and judgmental stares. Even doctors, family, and friends can make inappropriate comments.

But there is push-back. Host Tiffany Hanssen, in for Kerri Miller, talked to Tommy Tomlinson and Cat Polivoda about fat-shaming and body positivity.

"I think body positivity in its truest form just advocates for every body deserving respect, wherever its at, whatever is going on with your body. I think in our culture, we really mix up the idea of body size and health and think that weight and health are one and the same...and they're not," said Polivoda.

Tomlinson added, "There's a way other people treat you and there's the way that you think about yourself. I'm all for people being comfortable in their own skin. If you are what the medical field or society would consider overweight, but you're healthy and happy, then basically, 'the heck with everybody else.' For me, I didn't feel that way. I felt profoundly unhealthy there was lot of things I couldn't do...and I needed to be in better shape to do those things."


Tommy Tomlinson, author of "The Elephant in the Room," and the host of the podcast, "SouthBound"

Cat Polivoda, owner of Cake Plus-Size, a plus-size resale store in Minneapolis and the co-host of the podcast "Matter of Fat"