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Curry sentenced to 30 years in prison in abuse of daughters

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The house where Jerry Lee Curry and Shelia Machelle Wilson lived
The house where Jerry Lee Curry and Shelia Machelle Wilson lived with their family in south Minneapolis.
Evan Frost | MPR News 2018

The twin daughters of Jerry Curry lashed out at their abuser Wednesday in written statements read aloud in a Hennepin County courtroom. 

"He hurt, used and abused us," read a court official from a statement. "He hit us with a bat. I hope he never gets out of jail."

Curry was sentenced to 30 years in prison after  pleading guilty to rape, assault and child endangerment. Six other felony charges were dropped as a part of his plea agreement. Both daughters, now 22, have disabilities. A third, younger daughter lived in the home at the time.

According to court documents, the women told investigators that their father also shackled them so they couldn't leave the family's Minneapolis home. 

Jerry Lee Curry
Jerry Lee Curry, 52, is jailed on charges of rape, assault and stalking.
Courtesy Hennepin Couty Jail

One of the daughters said she hopes Curry himself will be chained in prison.

Curry admitted to raping and impregnating one of his daughters. She also had another child by a man whose identity was not known by authorities. 

"He made me lose my children," wrote the young woman, whose parental rights were terminated by the court.

Prosecutors say Curry's youngest daughter also submitted an impact statement, but it was not read aloud in court. 

During the sentencing hearing, assistant Hennepin County Attorney Cheri Townsend said the vulnerability of the young women made Curry's crimes particularly egregious. But she also praised their resilience and courage. "They've come back from an abusive situation like few I've known," she said. 

Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman said the daughters' cooperation was crucial to the case. 

"They really told the story and were willing to testify," said Freeman. "That's not easy to do ... And without them, we didn't have a case."

Curry made a brief and somber apology.  "I'm sorry for what happened," he said, barely audible. "[I hope] God will forgive me and I hope they [daughters] forgive me someday."

His public defender, William Selman said Curry pleaded guilty to avoid further trauma to his family. 

"He did not want to go to trial and have to put his daughters through that additional trauma," said Selman.  "So he ended up agreeing to the offer from the state." 

The mother of Curry's children, Shelia Wilson has previously pleaded guilty to one count of criminal neglect and is scheduled to be sentenced next month.