Tied up Andover landfill money rolled into package signed by Walz

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A bill Gov. Tim Walz signed Tuesday includes funds to clean up a leaky landfill in Anoka County.

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency had sought $22 million from the Legislature to excavate hazardous waste and take it away for good, so the state could avoid a $600,000 annual maintenance bill for the Waste Disposal Engineering landfill in Andover.

The Legislature provided funding for the landfill project and several others last session, but lawmakers tapped the Environmental Trust Fund--dedicated lottery money for environmental projects. Environmental groups sued, so lawmakers this session have been trying to find alternative funding sources so those projects can move forward.

Walz signed a $102.3 million bonding bill on Tuesday, along with another bill aimed at fixing the Minnesota Licensing and Registration System (MNLARS). The bonding bill includes $10.3 million for the Andover landfill project. Other efforts funded by the bill include water infrastructure projects, Department of Natural Resources renovations and conservation easements.